CCB History

For over 4 decades CCB Insurance Solutions (CCB), formerly California Corporate Benefits, has been a leader in solving employers’ employee benefits problems of all kinds.  We treat our clients as we would hope to be treated.  Consequently, people really like us as evidenced by the fact that over 1/3 of our clients have been with us for between 20 and 40+ years.

We believe that if employees feel financially safe and expect that they can accomplish their personal financial goals, they will be happier and more productive employees and less likely to leave their current employer.  Our services are intended to help employees feel financially safe and able to meet their personal financial goals.

CCB was founded in 1983 by Bob Recchia.

Bob’s background as a field executive with a major insurance company prepared Bob well, but Bob grew the business initially mostly with indomitable spirit.  It was a “mortgage everything you own and go for broke” startup with no customers.  Prior to California Health Reform in 1993 there was no such thing as “guaranteed issue” and “portability of pre-existing conditions” The reputation that CCB built for trustworthiness and loyalty helped on many occasions to secure needed coverage through often unwilling carriers.  That is one talent that continues to serve customers today who do not qualify for guaranteed issue.

One customer once remarked “Your success secret is really easy; you just outwork everyone else.”

Times have changed and new challenges constantly arise. We continue to succeed by continuing with our hard work ethic, attracting top talent, nurturing our relationships and helping our customers understand and prepare for what’s coming next before it gets here.

In 2019, after several years of planning, California Corporate Benefits Insurance Services rebranded to CCB Insurance Solutions (CCB) and joined with 15 like-minded partners to create a new company – Patriot Growth Insurance Services, LLC (PGIS). The collaboration of our partners and the scale we have achieved enables us to continue improving our services during this age of ever-accelerating change.

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